Event Planning & Communications

The mission of CrossPoint Church is to make wholehearted disciples of Jesus Christ, who seek and know God, love and serve others, reach out and change the world. The mission of the communications department at CrossPoint is similar; we are here to partner with our staff and ministry team leaders as they make those wholehearted disciples of Jesus Christ. We do this through coordinating with the leaders, hearing their heart for an event, crafting artwork and promotional pieces, and implementing the promotional strategy. We strive to advertise in such a way that helps our staff and ministry team leaders reach this desired ministry objectives.


event request

Staff, group leaders and ministry leaders need to submit an event request to get onto the church calendar. If the ministry or group is in CP Central, please log into CPC and reserve the event's desired day, time, room and resources in the appropriate group. If the group is not in CPC or you do not have access to it yet, please fill out an Event Approval form, located below. 

The event request will go before the staff for review. You will be contacted by our team letting you know that the event has been approved or declined.


Promotion request

Once the event has been approved, you will be contacted by our Promotions Coordinator, Rachel Thomas, to let you know about CrossPoint promotions, strategies and guidelines.

If the event needs to be promoted by CrossPoint Church, please fill out the Promotions Request form, located below. The promotion request will go before the staff for review. You will be contacted when the promotional strategy has been approved.

If the event does not need to be promoted by the church but you want to use the CrossPoint logo or church name, the promotional materials must be approved by the staff. You can submit those materials for review here.


media need request

This is for media items that are not related to the promotions of an event or ministry, ie. classroom posters, lesson handouts, etc.



Promotion Strategy

1. All promotions from the stage must be in alignment with CP's mission, values and goals.

2. Promotions that are specifically tailored to reach new or lost people get priority in the promotional schedule (i.e., Newcomer's Coffee, Next Steps Class, etc.).

3. Promotional requests need to be made at least two weeks in advance of promotional start date. Promotions and content must be approved by the church staff and we reserve the right to refuse any promotional request.

4. A promotion request must be submitted for each new occurrence of an event.


Fun Facts

- Not every event can nor will be promoted from the stage or through the bulletin. Each ministry or group needs to have their own channel of communication that is not dependent upon the church.

- More advance notice to our promotions team = more and better promotions/art/everything (more=more).

- We have found that events that are promoted too far in advance do not get a great turn out (tons of notice=lack of agency).

- We have found that personal invites are the most effective type of promotion.

- If the event is not being promoted by CP and you would like to use the CP logo or church name, the promotional materials must be approved by the CP promotional staff.

- Use proper request channels. Requests made using improper channels (i.e., Facebook message, texting, etc.) will not be reviewed or approved.

- There are a ton of good things that CP could be doing and promoting - however, good distracts from the best, and we cannot do every good thing.

- Our church’s name is CrossPoint, with a capital “P.” Please make sure that you use our correct name.


Need help? Contact Rachel below using the form. Please be as specific as possible.

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