Event Planning & Promotions

The mission of CrossPoint Church is to make wholehearted disciples of Jesus Christ, who seek and know God, love and serve others, reach out and change the world. The mission of the communications department at CrossPoint is similar; we are here to partner with our staff and ministry team leaders as they make those wholehearted disciples of Jesus Christ. We do this through coordinating with the leaders, hearing their heart for an event, crafting artwork and promotional pieces, and implementing the promotional strategy. We strive to advertise in such a way that helps our staff and ministry team leaders reach this desired ministry objectives.


Event Request

Staff, group leaders and ministry leaders need to submit an event request to get onto the church calendar. Please review the calendar below (play with the "filter calendar" option to see more views and availabilities).

When you are ready to request a day and room, click on the "Submit Event Request" button and fill out the provided form. You will receive an email confirmation with a request number. You may come back at any time to check on your request by using you request number (click on "Submit Event Request" and then on the option to check the status of a requested event.

The event request will go before the staff for review. You will be contacted by email letting you know that the event has been approved or declined. Please understand that requests will be reviewed once a week at staff meetings. 


Promotion Request

If the event needs to be promoted by CrossPoint Church, please fill out the Promotions Request form, located below. The promotion request will go before the staff for review. You will be contacted when the promotional strategy has been approved.

If the event does not need to be promoted by the church but you want to use the CrossPoint logo or church name, the promotional materials must be approved by the staff. You can submit those materials for review here.


media need request

This is for media items that are not related to the promotions of an event or ministry, ie. classroom posters, lesson handouts, etc.