Worship arts team assistant

Janice Bastin


Job Title: Worship Arts Team Assistant

Family: husband, Paul

Hometown: Big Spring, TX

I became a Christian… at age 14 at summer youth camp

I started going to CrossPoint… when I moved to CA to teach at Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College.

Describe your job: pianist/accompanist and assistant to the worship pastor.

What is a random task that you do that not many people know about? Grow African violets

What do you want people to know about the church staff? That they’re committed to God’s Word

In what ways have you seen God move through your ministry? By developing new people in the ministry



Chick-Fil-A or Raising Cane's? Chick-Fil-A

Mountains or beach? Mountains

Early bird or night owl? Night owl

Coffee or Tea? Coffee

Starbucks or Portola? Starbucks

Casual or dressy? Casual



Favorite spot in Huntington Beach?  Edwards Hill

One place I’ve always wanted to visit is… Austria. 

The best movie is… Italian Job (remake)

What’s your go-to coffee order? Non-fat Mocha

A book you would recommend to everyone? Victory Over the Darkness

What’s the weirdest thing about you? I like to wash my car.