Vacation Bible School
Frequently Asked Questions


Welcome to CrossPoint's VBS, Game On: Gearing Up for Life's Big Game!

Grab your pom poms, lace up your cleats, and tune up your horn.  It's time to gear up for the big game! It's go time! Whether you are rooting from the stands, marching in the bad, cheering on the field, or hustling to the line, the time is now-it Game On!

 Kids are under so much pressure-to perform well, to be the best, to balance schedules that are full to the brim, to excel in every arena.  From that vantage point, life's big game can seem like no fun.  But when we step back, we realize that the goal is not competing i our own strength.  God has already given us everything we need! He's give us His complete Word as the ultimate playbook.  He's given us Himself, which gives us a reason to celebrate. This week we will see how...

  • Jesus Cares About Me
  • Jesus Gives Me Hope
  • Jesus Helps Me Believe
  • Jesus Loves Me
  • Jesus Gives Me Joy

Sound fun? So, what are you waiting for? This is Spirit Week 2018. It's Game On!




Student registration closed on June 25th but interested participants can join our waitlist. Sign up at our VBS Pep Rally on Friday, July 6th from 5:30p-8:30p.

Those on the waitlist will be called or texted on Monday night, July 9th, if space has become available.

Walk up registration is not guaranteed. Those attempting walk up registration will be notified on Monday evening, July 9th, if there is a spot available.



We are very happy to offer our VBS free of charge. If you would like to make a donation, you may do so at our registration and information table.



Our program runs July 9th-13th from 9:00am to noon, but children are encouraged to begin checking-in at 8:45am. Our program ends at noon each day, but check-out time will be between 12:05pm-12:15pm.


What should my child wear?

Appropriate and modest shorts with comfortable sturdy shoes are recommended every day so your children can freely run and play.  Our crafts are awesome, fun, and potentially messy! Please make sure your children wear play clothes that can get dirty. They can also wear their VBS shirt each day.  We strongly recommend that you apply sunscreen before coming to provide protection from the sun.



Safety is very important to us. All volunteers have been screened with a background check per our policy. Additionally, we have safety teams on campus making sure that everyone is safe and healthy.



Please make sure to include all allergy and special medical information when you register.  We will alert your child’s teacher so they are able to give proper care.  You are also invited to speak with your child’s leader and our kitchen staff about your child’s specific needs.


Check-In, Drop-off, and Pick-Up Procedures

How do I check my registered child in to VBS?

We ask that each day, you park and check in your registered child at their assigned area. You will check-in your children entering 1st through 6th grade in our main Worship Center. Please park (following the parking signs for VBS) and enter the Worship Center at the side doors. You will be directed to your child’s Coach to sign them in. If you have not signed an emergency release form and a claim tag, please check with your child’s team leader.  

Please check-in your registered 4 year old through entering kindergarten in the following rooms:

    Angels (4 year olds): Room 213

    Bears (5 years old/kindergarten): Room 212


How do I check out my child?

Children ages 4 years through 6th grade will be picked up from the main Worship Center after our closing assembly. Please show your matching claim tag to their leader.  Please ensure that whoever picks up your child has the matching claim tag.  If you lose your claim tag, please check in at the registration/info table with your photo ID for help.  

Please let your leader know if you need to pick up your child early. When picking up early, go directly to the registration/info table and they will assist you in locating your child.


Other Questions

Can I stay on campus during VBS?

Yes, we have a designated parent’s area at VBS where you can relax. However, we are unable to allow parents to remain with the classes.

Will my child be fed a snack at VBS or I do need to pack one?

We provide a delicious snack for every child each day. We strive to be a peanut free environment. Please do not send food with your child. Water bottles are permitted.

What if I’d like to watch my child in the Worship Center?

We want you to see your child enjoy the time of singing and fun, but we ask that you limit this to our closing time (11:40am-12:00pm). Please stand in the back of the Worship Center during this time.


Mission Moment — Vapor Sports

Our mission project this year is Vapor Sports. Vapor Ministries aims to establish sustainable centers for alleviating poverty and multiplying disciples in third-world environments. The kids living in slums and villages in Africa and Haiti love soccer as much or more than the kids here do, but they can't afford to buy their own ball to play with - so they make their own! They gather trash like plastic bags that they find and bunch it up and tie it with string that they find. The kids playing at the Vapor Ministries center often play on grass for the first time, in the first new shirts they have ever worn, with the first real equipment they have ever touched. And then they get to hear about the One that loves them. It's really powerful when you think about it! Please see the video below.