Young Couples

Love + Respect Conference

We are brining back the Love + Respect Conference! We will be hosting it on Wednesday nights starting on Wednesday, June 5th at 7:00p in Room Gym/201.

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Marriage Mentoring

We view marriage as a lifelong union/relationship between a man and a woman as husband and wife. We believe that the bedrock of the family begins with the relationship between the husband and the wife. When the marriage relationship is healthy, the family is healthy. We believe that all people can change and most marriages can thrive when they apply healthy principles and faithfully use practical tools.

Marriage mentoring is a 10 week, hands on method of mediation and negotiation, empowering couples to solve their own issues. It is unique in that it's designed to be effective for premarital couples, couples wanting to enrich their marriage and couples in crisis. The role of the mentor is to mediate, share biblical truth and confront core issues in a way that is progressive.

Dare to be Different is in partnership with Love and Respect.