Cecil Maxey

Upon retiring from pastoring, Cecil came to CrossPoint with his wife, Lana, in 2012. He grew up in Texas and met Lana at a church there. His service to the Lord has included starting two churches (one in Bakersfield, California and one in Parker, Colorado), pastoring a total of 46 years.

He is enjoying his retirement while serving at CrossPoint leading two small groups – one in his home and one on Sunday morning at CrossPoint. He also enjoys helping with repairs and maintenance for the church and Liberty School.

Cecil and Lana have three beautiful daughters, three amazing sons-in-law and seven wonderful grandchildren. Cecil and Lana have been married 51 years and simply love Huntington Beach.

Cecil earned a Bachelor of Divinity degree from Arlington Baptist College, a Master of Arts degree from Louisiana Baptist University and a Doctorate of Philosophy from Louisiana Baptist University. He continues to study God’s Word. Acts 20:20 has been a primary focus of Cecil’s ministry. His goal has always been to serve our Lord by serving people.

Cecil enjoys playing golf, which proves to be humbling.