Biblical Counseling

What is biblical counseling?

Biblical counseling is the personal ministry of the word of God where we have conversations and reflect upon how God's word can interpret, inform, correct, and guide us as we face the struggles of life. We all face the impacts of sin and suffering in this world. Sometimes this gets so intense that we become stuck in a spiral and we need some help. Biblical counseling is different from secular counseling because we are leaning completely on the Bible for guidance and we are relying on the Spirit of God to enable us to grow and change to be more like Christ. We come under the authority of Scripture and look to the wonderful counselor for help and hope in all our struggles. Our goal is not wholeness or full control over our lives, but a delight in Jesus and dependence upon him as our all in all.

Click to learn more by watching or listening to our Intro to Biblical Counseling event from September 22, 2022. All content covered is also available to review here.

We are relying on the Spirit of God to enable us to grow and change.

How can I get involved with the biblical counseling ministry?

Drawing Near to God Site

Here you fill find discipleship resources such as:

  • A guide to begin, restart, or enhance your habit of meeting alone with God to know Him and to be known by Him
  • Journaling tools
  • Bible reading plans
  • Study helps, and more!
Go to the Drawing Near To God Site

Biblical Counseling Sunday School Track 

  • Sign-up to learn about the anthropology, theology, and methodology of biblical counseling
  •  This training is specifically for those who have decided they want to be trained to minister the word of God to others in a discipleship or counseling setting.
  • Click HERE to preview lessons and get more detail about the biblical counseling track

Practical Theology Sunday School Track (This track is paused and will resume in 2024)

  • Sign-up to learn about how to apply God’s word to the issues of life
  • This information is first of all for the participants, but secondarily it may help you to be a good friend to others who are facing challenges
  • This class is taught by a biblical counselor, who you will get to know in a group setting.
  • Click HERE to preview lessons and get more detail about the practical theology track

How do I request counseling?

Use the link below to submit a counseling request form.

There may be a waiting list due to limited capacity

You will be contacted by staff or a counselor ASAP

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