Emma Hills

Creative Assistant



Job Title: Creative Assistant

Education: Currently at Golden West College and transferring to a four year to major in music with a concentration in commercial/popular music!

Years in Church Ministry: Intern since October of 2020, but serving my whole life

Describe Your Job: I get to work with Rob and partner with all the different ministries on church to create different designs. I also get to design all the Sunday prep and work on little activities throughout the church.

Family: I have two amazing parents: Rick and Sandra Hills, and an incredible sister, Abby Hills.

Hometown: Huntington Beach
I started going to CrossPoint... since I was in the womb baby!!!


Chick-Fil-A or Raising Cane's? Well, I worked at Chick-Fil-A for two years so I gotta stay loyal to the Lord's chicken. Chick-Fil-A all the way!

Mountains or Beach? I love watching the waves, so definitely beach.

Early bird or night owl? Both, I don't know what sleep is.

Coffee or tea? Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Always.

Starbucks or Portola? Neither! Philz or Peet's coffee all the way!

Casual or dressy? Casual please!


You have a free Saturday. What do you do? I will either be writing music, working hard on my studies, or spending time with family and friends!

What's the longest you would wait in the In n Out drive thru? I am willing to wait any amount of time as long as I'm with the right company!

One place I've always wanted to visit is...Japan!

Favorite spot in Huntington Beach? Maybe the Huntington Beach Library, Sweet Elles, or simply driving down PCH. There are too many great spots.

A book you would recommend to everyone? The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry by John Mark Comer OR My Name is Hope by John Mark Comer

What's the weirdest thing about you? I am taller than the average male height. Beat that.