Gregory Pierce


Gregory Pierce



Phone: 714-848-5511 x5

Job Title: Worship/Recovery/Men’s Pastor

Education: Indiana University School of Music

Years in ministry: Full Time Pastoral Ministry for 8 1/2 years. In Ministry for 20 years

Family: Married with children (Carrie, 2 Boys)

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

I became a Christian… at 8 years old.

I started going to CrossPoint… 2013.

Describe your job: Responsible for leading the overall weekend experience and helping to usher in the presence of Christ through music.

What is a random task that you do that not many people know about? Fill and clean the baptistry!

What do you want people to know about the church staff? That it is a complete joy to work with each and every one of them!

In what ways have you seen God move through your ministry? It has been incredible to watch how God have been moving in the worship arts ministry especially in the way that he is constantly bringing new people in that love the Lord and love to worship in spirit and in truth.  That is an answer to continual prayer.


Chick-Fil-A or Raising Cane's? Chick-fil-A

Mountains or beach? Beach

Early bird or night owl? Both

Coffee or Tea? What’s tea???

Starbucks or Portola? STARBUCKS

Casual or dressy? Casual


You have a free Saturday. What do you do? Hang out with the family (I love that!)

What’s your go-to coffee order? Grande dark roast “black-eye” with 3 stevias

Favorite spot in Huntington Beach? Any Starbucks “Seacliff”

One place I’ve always wanted to visit is… Africa

A book you would recommend to everyone? The Explicit Gospel by Matt Chandler

What’s the longest you would wait in the In n Out drive through? I don’t eat beef!!

What celebrity do people say you resemble? Samuel L. Jackson “Nick Fury”