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Stepping into Women’s Ministry


Stepping into Women’s Ministry

Jesus claims in John 15:5, “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit;” A ministry for women at CrossPoint, tended by Christine Huljev and her team, is branching out and blossoming. Here’s how her calling came to fruition.

Coming Full Circle

Growing up, Christine’s family of origin was unfamiliar with Jesus or the church.  She first came to CrossPoint while a 9th grade student at Ocean View High School because, “Everyone was going and it was fun,” she recalls. “I was baptized here, but I stopped going because I felt I didn’t have the right clothes to wear.”

After high school a girlfriend invited her back to CrossPoint. For the next two years she received solid Biblical teaching, but drifted away as she decided to do things her way.

A few years later, as a working mom and law school student living in South County, Christine knew she needed to make time for her spiritual well-being and her young son’s foundation of faith. Worship music brought calm to her busy life. Before long, she was asked to lead a mom’s group and, although untrained, took on the challenge.

Within a few more years, Christine joined a women’s Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) group.  Women poured God’s truth into her and showed her what it looked like to walk with Him through the highs, lows, and routine days of life. Now, nearly 20 years later, she’s a BSF online trainer. “I discovered I love learning from other women – they opened my eyes to the beauty of God’s wisdom,” she reflects. “Most of the other women were older and they shared their experiences and how they developed a dependence on God. I listened to the way these mature women prayed and talked God. Who you surround yourself with makes such a difference in what you value and how you think.”

Christine admits, “While growing up, my guard with women was up, but eventually God used them to soften me and give me a passion for Women’s Ministry.”

About four years ago in 2018, Christine and her husband Walter returned to CrossPoint. In May 2022, she accepted the Women’s Ministry Director position. “I’ve come full circle from the girl who was ashamed of how she dressed to knowing I am clothed in Jesus’ righteousness and called to serve the Lord with excellence and humility,” she says.

A God-given Vision for Women’s Ministry

Asked what’s the biggest challenge women today face, without hesitation Christine cites busyness. “It’s a national epidemic, and I’m not immune” she says. “The idea of the strong woman bringing home the bacon, doing and having it all is a myth. We tend to be spread too thin and that causes isolation from real, caring relationships.

“I think of David in Psalm 40 where he writes, ‘He drew me out of the pit of destruction … and set my feet on a rock…I am poor and needy, but the Lord takes thought for me.’ We are stabilized because of who we are in Christ. It’s okay to be needy because we have a God who doesn’t lack resources and He loves giving good gifts to his children, like the gift of a church family and real sisters in Christ.”

She adds, “Through this ministry, women are building meaningful relationships. We have a growing church, and it’s so important that we get to know and support each other. And we are not exclusive. It’s been encouraging to see ladies from other churches who don’t have a women’s ministry join us. Coming out of Covid, people have been eager to get together and reconnect. We’re seeing very well-attended events as we help women to grow in their faith and manage life in reliance on God.”

Unique Monthly Meet-ups

Christine and a team of women plan a yearly calendar, with different team members chairing different events. The schedule covers a wide variety of opportunities of interest to diverse women, from the occasional church-goer to the those who are devoted to their faith community.

She explains, “Some events are light and fun, like coffee and a walk in the park, or the macrame event we did. That one had some women frustrated by knots, but they bonded because they could laugh at themselves. Other months are more in-depth Bible teaching, such as the four-week Revelation series we did over the summer or the Quiet Time with Jesus event in November. Also in the fall, we held a breakfast to get to know our pastors’ wives better and to find out how we can better support them.”

CP Women gather the second Saturday morning of the month. In addition, the last Wednesday of every month, a women’s group called REAL Moms meets to discuss an array of topics pertaining to Moms in all stages. “It’s not just for young moms,” assures Christine. “The team in charge of Real Moms is so creative and goes all out with decorations and food ideas. They make it a special time to dine together, grow and connect.”

One of the biggest thrills for Christine has been the servant hearts of our women. “I’ve been surprised by how many volunteers are needed to put on an event – sometimes as many as 30, and the women from our church are so willing to help. They serve with passion and creativity! We have different chairwomen for different events. From a Jingle Mingle in December, to a February Galentines and a March Staycation Retreat, we are all serving together to help women grow in their passion for Christ and love for one another.”

An Invitation to Women

A list of upcoming events can always be found on the CrossPoint website. CP Women are also on social media – Facebook and Instagram.  Pastor Bruce also highlights upcoming plans in his weekly email.

“The No. 1 reason I hear women say why they don’t come to an event is they don’t know anyone and won’t have anyone to sit with,” claims Christine. “Thank God we have lots of extroverts to come alongside! At each event there are greeters to welcome the ladies. I used to not feel safe with other women I didn’t yet know, but I encourage everyone to take a step, reach out, be vulnerable and try to establish new relationships. We have a lot to offer one another!”

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